Center for Research on

Complex Thinking

About Us

The Center for Research on Complex Thinking (CRCT) conducts foundational research on learning and assessment, educational technology development, and the design of innovative learning analytics tools and immersive educational simulations. CRCT brings together researchers, curriculum designers, software developers, and others to address some of the most pressing educational challenges of the 21st century.

Our Members

Epistemic Analytics

Epistemic Analytics

The Epistemic Analytics lab creates novel computational techniques and statistical tools that enable researchers to construct quantitative models of rich qualitative data in education, healthcare, policy, and other contexts.

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Purple State

PurpleState is a simulation project that address the need for media literacy, critical thinking across information sources, and developing confidence for young citizens to engage in local and state issues they care about. The PurpleState research group also collaborates on other projects to examine how policy issues and marginalized and difficult histories may be engaged in within local contexts.

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Playful Learning and Assessment for Impact

At PLAI, we’re serious about play. As a team of researchers, designers, and educators, we’re committed to collaborating with teachers, learners, and families to pioneer learning experiences and assessment tools that decenter the notion of a “typical” student and prioritizes the diverse racial, cultural, linguistic, and neurological assets and identities of learners across formal and informal environments.

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